Women Clothing Animal Print

There are some fashion trends that stand the test of time and then come back time and time again with a vengeance. Animal prints has to be one such fashion style as it has stood the test of time and has been a favorite of woman for decades. It is a print that can be subtle and casual or bold and sultry. The versatility of animal prints is why so many woman have at the least a few of these great prints in their wardrobe as they are fabulous to wear for just about any occasion.

Casual Animal Prints

One may not think that animal prints can be casual, but some of today’s styles truly are as they use subtle colors and are found of tees, tanks and even tennis sneakers. These are the animal prints one would wear out for running errands during the day, a game of golf, a day of relaxing or simply when a pop of style is desired but not one that is too terribly attention grabbing. A light colored animal print tee and khaki or denim shorts is a great look for summer and a faded hue animal print sweatshirt and yoga pants is the perfect fall or winter about town outfit. Even a simple pair of black shorts and solid tee paired with animal print sneakers would make any day or lounging just a touch more intriguing.

Sleek Animal Prints

On the opposite side of the spectrum from those great casual options are the ones that truly stand out and get one noticed. These are bold animal prints that may be in traditional colors such as a black and white leopard print, brown and golden giraffe or perhaps a black and brown tiger animal print. However, there are also plenty of eye popping color combinations as well. A bold and bright lime green and pink zebra print or perhaps a blue and purple leopard print can work wonders when really wants to make a statement. These are ideal for bringing out the sultry side of one’s persona and upping the style factor of any outfit. Whether a sleek animal print top, pants or even dress; this is a look for those that have the confidence to wear this print as it is the focal point of the look.

Shimmer and Glitter and Shine

One other top pick using animal prints are those sultry and sexy animal print clothing items that are perfect for hitting a nightclub or a night out on the town. They tend to have sequins, rhinestones or shimmer on the piece to accentuate the animal print itself and thus making the piece one that really turns heads. A sequined animal print, fitted tank and fitted black capri pants with great black heels is a perfect look that just about anyone can make work well. The key to wearing this type of animal print is to pair it with something sleek and well fitted as it will create the outfit everyone raves about no matter where you go or what you do.

Animal prints are popular prints and thus one can find them in tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, scarves, coats, handbags and other accessory items. This is a fabulous thing for those who want a hint of animal print but want it to be just an accent item. One can turn a little black dress in to something spectacular by pairing it with a big animal print purse or animal print heels. Even a casual jeans and solid sweater outfit turns trendy when an animal print coat is worn.

The options are endless and the key to wearing this print is to pair it with solid items so that the animal print takes center stage. This is key as animal prints speak for themselves and thus they need to be highlighted by being worn with those more basic items that allow the print to really capture attention. Whether going for a casual or sexy look, animal prints are a top pick for those who want that trendy, fun, stylish and mainstay look that animal prints bring to the table. From the Hollywood sex kittens of the 50′s to today; animal prints have been a top pick for those who want to look their best.