What to keep in mind when Buying Diamonds Beyond the 4 C’s

image1Most diamond lovers know the “four C’s” of the diamond industry; Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat. These are the four most important things to inspect when looking for quality diamond jewelry. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind post jewelry purchase to make sure that your investment is properly taken care of and looked after. Here are a few of those considerations to keep in mind when looking for your own diamond jewelry.


image2You may think that your jewelry is covered under the possessions replacement clause of your home owner’s insurance policy. This is not always the case though. Take the time to thoroughly read your policy for what is covered and what is not covered before you assume that your expensive jewelry investment is covered. Most policies have a clause that excludes high end jewelry from being covered, unless it has been appraised and a special addendum added to the policy for that particular piece of high quality jewelry. Double check your insurer’s policies before you end up filing a claim only to find out your jewelry is not covered.


All jewelry whether it is expensive or not needs to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain its original appearance. Different types of jewelry need to be cleaned differently though, so make sure to figure out exactly what kind of jewelry you have before plunking it down into a bowl of jewelry cleaner. Some very high end costume jewelry can look like high end pieces, but will not hold up to the same type of cleaning. For diamonds and other genuine stones it is important to use a mild cleaner, such as a tooth brush and tooth paste to scrub around the prongs and get into the little crevices that hold dirt retracting from your diamonds shine and brilliance. Also check the prongs at this time to make sure your stones do not wiggle or shift. If they do it’s time to take it in for a repair before you lose your precious stone. Depending on how much you work with your hands and wear your jewelry pieces, cleaning and inspection should image4be done about once per month, or at the very least four times per year with at least one of those being a professional cleaning.

Trade Up Options

image5Not all jewelers offer the option of being able to trade your expensive jewelry in for an upgrade. However, some of the higher end or independent jewelry retailers do offer this perk. What this does is allow you to trade in your piece at a later date for a larger stone such as on your tenth wedding anniversary trading in your wedding set for a larger center diamond. In this case you only pay for the difference in cost, not the totally value of the new stone. This gives you a way to increase the size of your stones over time, if you like, without paying the full cost.

Jewelry and diamonds are a lifetime investment that can have a special or emotional significance attached to them. That is why beyond knowing the four C’s of diamonds it is important to know how to take care of them once you have them.