Wash and Condition Curly Hair types

image2There are so many women who have naturally curly hair but they don’t know there are shampoos and conditioners made specifically for their hair type. You can use regular shampoo and condition to wash your hair but if you have curly hair it isn’t doing you any favours. If you actually get yourself the product aimed toward your hair type it will really benefit image1your hair. Curly hair is usually drier so the right products will help to moisturise and soften it. They will also help you achieve better and less frizzy curls. Shampoo and conditioners for curly hair are great and will make your hair look and feel healthier but there are also certain methods that will help you get the curls you’re hoping for.

So we have our wonderful hair model Kelly here and I’ll be giving a demonstration on how to wash and condition curly hair on her. We are going to take her to the shampoo sink and lay her back so her hair is in the sink. Here I have some great shampoos and image3conditioners for curly hair in particular. The brand I’ll be using today is “Redken: Fresh Curls” which will really help our models hair achieve the best curls. There are a few tricks I’m about to go over with you; before you proceed to shampoo, what you need to do, is carefully brush out any tangles. This is going to remove any hair that’s been shed from the head but might have been tangled up in the hair still. It’s also beneficial in the rest of the process as well so pay attention.

image4Get the water turned on and just run it away from the hair until the right temperature has been reached. Once your water is nice and warm, start soaking the hair until the head is fully drenched. Once the hair is wet enough, get some shampoo in your hand and start working it into the hair at the scalp. Massage this in well, working your way towards the ends. Make sure you have a really nice lather then rinse the shampoo out. With curly hair, people tend to use a lot of product, so washing twice is usually needed to remove all of the product buildup and get truly clean hair. Repeat the shampoo process again following the same steps. When you’ve rinsed the hair out really well you can move onto the conditioning process. The hair is probably drenched at this point so squeeze out some of the water and get a few pumps of conditioner in your hands. Massage the conditioner into the ends of the hair and stay away from the scalp or it will weigh down the hair and take away volume. Don’t be afraid to use a good amount of conditioner because curly hair will usually need it.

image5Now take a wide tooth comb and gently start coming out the hair while the conditioner is still in it. Using this method will help keep the curls tighter and more evenly distribute the conditioner. It will also give your hair a little more time to let the conditioner do its job. Once the tangles are all out, you can gently rinse out the conditioner, doing your best to keep the hair from re-tangling. Wrap the hair in a towel and try to squeeze or pat it dry. Rubbing the hair dry will cause you to loosen curls and add tangles and fizziness. Now you know the best way to wash, condition, and dry curly hair, so go ahead and try it out to see what a difference it all makes.