Updating Your Spring Wardrobe

With just a few basic steps you can update your current wardrobe to include the latest spring fashions.

First we will start with the safari look. This look comes back in fashion time and time again. Most safari looks are in your basic neutral colors but you can choose a range from your basic tan to a rich warm chestnut. Focus on the details of your outfit. If you have the figure, choose a top that gathers at the waist to draw attention to your curves. Another feature to consider in your wardrobe is the three quarter length sleeve. Another must have for the spring fashion is the pencil skit. You can take an old existing skirt from your closet and taper it down. This will be a great addition to your safari look paired with a neutral top.

To update your old neutral outfit to the safari look is by added a belt. Choose a belt with a animal print or animal accents. Belts are big this Spring and will update any outfit. Also choose a neutral shoe but add the latest style to it. The ombre look is popular this season. This look starts off as one color and gradually fades into another. For the safari look you may choose to start with a basic brown and faded into a chestnut. You may also choose to pair your safari style jacket with a white shirt and jeans. This will just add versatility to your look.

Another popular look this Spring is the metallic look. Most women are afraid to wear the sparkle during the day but this season it is allowed. Pair a metallic top with a pair of white jeans and a metallic belt for daytime wear. Then for nighttime just add more sparkle. Add metallic bangles or purse. You can also add a metallic shawl. You can also take a basic suit from your old wardrobe and add a metallic top and belt. This will update an old outfit with the new Spring style. When choosing a metallic clothes you can choose a matte gold or a shiny silver color.

Animal print is now a classic and must-have for your wardrobe. If you are still afraid of the bolder animal prints you can start off with just a animal print handbag. This will bring in the popular look to your existing wardrobe. You also might want to invest in a statement animal print like a blazer. Another way to incorporate the animal print with your existing wardrobe is by adding a animal print top to be worn under a sweater or jacket.

The trench coat is another must-have fashion statement for your Spring wardrobe. You can stick with the basic colors and self tie style or you may want to go bolder with a more fashion forward look. Whatever you style the trench coat is a definitely a piece needed for your Spring wardrobe.

Now we are going to look at adding color, floral, plaid and prints to your existing wardrobe to update them. You may want to invest in a jacket in patchwork with this season’s bright colors and pair it with your existing pants or you may want to a bright colored accessory, such as bangles or handbag, to your clothes. The floral look this season is more abstract. It is not your typical small floral design. So you can incorporate a new jacket or top to your wardrobe to update them.

This Spring season has brought in a new waistline. The waistline has finally started making a move back up. The higher waistline is the new look this season. A high-waist pencil skirt with a accent belt or a dress with a high-waist belt is a must-have this Spring. This season the blouse has also made a comeback. Instead of knits, shells and turtlenecks being worn under your sweaters or jackets, this season is all about the blouse. Most blouses have additional ruffles around the collar to add to the look. You may choose a blouse that is more of a statement piece with added ties or ruffles. By adding just a few statement pieces and accessories you can update your existing wardrobe to the new Spring styles.