Transitioning Your Skin for Fall Makeup

image1The seasons are in constant rotation and with the weather change there comes a need for change in your makeup routine. Today we are going to discuss why that is and I’ll show how to do a few things on our model Anna. When the seasons change from summer to fall you’ll notice a drop in the heat and humidity levels in the air. Your tan will subtly start to fade and you’ll need to help your skin transition successfully through that. The temperatures are dropping so more dry heat in our homes can dry our skin out as well. You can bring your skin through this change and keep looking great, just make sure you image2stay hydrated and you keep your skin hydrated. One of the first things I’ll talk about is the fact that the needs of your skin are changing along with the seasons so go out and get yourself a new cleanser. In fall your skin is drying out and you need to get rid of the old layers of skin and bring to light the new layers. Exfoliation is key in this process so get a cleanser with an exfoliator in it to help this process along. By scrubbing off that old skin you’ll reveal a fresh layer of more radiant, healthy skin and lose any dullness you might have been developing.

image3You can exfoliate with a great cleanser to get rid of the old skin cells but you will still be missing something once your face is dried off, and that thing is moisture. Your skin needs a layer of protection from the dryness that your lightweight summer moisturizer might not be very helpful to provide. Try
and find a richer moisturizer that’s more cream based for the fall so your skin stays protected and hydrated longer.

image4So let’s talk about foundation now; in fall we want a more polished and richer look to our makeup. Sheer summer foundations should change into foundations with more coverage.  I really love spray foundation currently. It comes in a small can like I’ve got here and unlike airbrush makeup that you need a professional machine for, spray foundation can just be kept at home taking up very little space. To apply, you just need to shake it up and spray some on the back of your hand. Don’t spray it right on your face or you will get it in your hair and eyebrows. Use your fingers, a brush, or a sponge to apply it all over the face using a downward feathering motion until you’ve achieved the coverage you want. When it comes to the forehead, try to use very little there or it will look cakey fast.  Spray foundation gives an airbrushed, even coverage that looks seamless and feels weightless on your skin. Our model has great skin so she doesn’t need a lot of foundation to get a good canvas for this fall makeup look. Once we are done applying her foundation, she will be ready for the rest of the makeup routine. We’ve gone over fall skincare but to find out the remaining details on finishing off this look, keep watching this video.