The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for your Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds may be a girl’s best forever friend; however they are not impervious to everything. Quality diamond jewelry is costly and should be considered an investment. As with any investment it is part of the process to maintain the health and appearance of your diamond jewelry through a few simple actions.



image2Diamonds sparkle and glimmer through the use of the cut refracting light through the stone. In order to keep your diamond sparkling brightly it is vital that you regularly clean any built up residues, dirt, or contaminants that may have built up on the diamond over every day wear and tear; like lotions, soaps, etc.

To clean, soak your diamond jewelry in scrubbing ammonia for a few minutes then using a tooth brush clean around prongs, settings, and all little crevices while running under warm water. Make sure your drain is closed so that you don’t accidentally wash your precious jewelry down the drain. When done dry off with a microfiber towel and it is ready to wear.



image3When you are cleaning your diamonds is a great time to inspect your jewelry.  Check the prongs for any loosened or broken connections. One way to check for looseness is to hold your piece up to your ear and shake it. If the stones are loose in their setting you will hear them move. Check the stones to make sure there is no cracking or possible pitting that could have happened while tending to your day-to-day activities.

Remove Jewelry when Performing Certain Tasks

image4We often wear our high end pieces such as wedding rings, graduation rings, diamond stud earrings, continually as our daily accessories. This is not necessarily a good thing for your diamonds though. You should always remove your precious jewelry before doing tasks like lifting weights, gardening, or swimming, in order to protect them from chemicals, banging, or other actions that could damage your diamond or bend as well as damage the setting. Place your jewelry in a safe location and then put it back on after you have finished your potentially harmful to your jewelry activity.

Store Properly

We all have had a jewelry box stuffed full of broken, or tarnished jewelry at some point in our lives. Sadly if stored properly this does not have to be the case. Save and use those little silica packages that come in your vitamins, in your jewelry box. The silica will help prevent moisture from causing your silver and other pieces from tarnishing as quickly.

Your precious stone pieces should be kept in the jeweler pouches that you first received the jewelry in. These pouches help protect your jewelry from being knocked up against other items causing them to bend or scratch in the process.

Caring for your expensive or even inexpensive jewelry does not have to be costly or a hassle; simply make sure and remove it at the correct times, clean it, and store it in a proper manner and you will have sparkling jewelry that looks like new for a very long time.