Skin Moisturizing Routine

image1Women all over the world strive to have beautiful skin but not all of them know how to get that.  Making sure your skin is properly cleaned is one part of having great skin. Another part is your diet; junk food can cause you to have break outs. You know the phrase “you are what you eat”; well it applies when you are talking about the condition of your skin too. You also have to protect your skin from the sun and wind basically the elements in general. No one is perfect; today we are talking about achieving a natural and flawless complexion in just minutes. If you follow this skin care regimen you can also be on the road to having flawless skin. Once you’ve gotten your skin clean you need to implement a good moisturizing routine. You might be a lady who loves to go to the whole nine yards with makeup or you might just keep it minimal but either way you always need to moisturize your skin properly.

image2So you’ve been taking care of your skin but there is still more to learn if you want to end up with a natural and finished complexion. Unlike the rest of skin maintenance this part can actually be quite easy to get the hang of. The first thing you’ll need to do is get yourself the products I’m about to talk about. Invest in getting yourself a quality moisturizing eye cream for whatever skin type you have and try to get it with 15 SPF in the least. This will help protect that delicate skin around your eyes from the sun and slow down the effects of aging. We are all aging and sooner or later we will get to the point where image3wrinkles can start appearing but if you take good care to make sure your skin is in good health you’re sure to fend them off a little longer.

Once you’ve found a good eye cream just get some onto the back of your hand and use your finger to ever so lightly tap all around the eyes to apply. Feather it onto the skin under your eyes then get over top of the eyes to keep away or lessen appearance the fine lines. Let this soak into your thirsty skin and move over to do the same thing on your other eye. Now that the skin around your eyes feels soft and supple, you can move onto the rest of the face. Getting a facial moisturizer with SPF is always a great idea as well but you can use a regular sunscreen on top of your moisturizer if needed.

image4To apply your moisturizer, you should first just add some to the back of your hand and again just dip your designated application finger into the cream to start applying. Now you can start rubbing it onto your face in circles, going against gravity. The moisturizer I’m demonstrating with today has some amazing antioxidants in it to help give your skin a lift and brighten it up a bit. This should help smooth out imperfections and fine lines on your face. Rub the moisturizer on to the cheeks, chin, nose and a little on the forehead and temples also. Once you’re finished moisturizing you are ready for the concealer and however much or however little makeup you plan on using for the day.