Simple Skin Care for Teens

Skin Care Solutions for Teens
Your skin care as a teen is an important part of your daily health. There are tried and true methods of keeping your skin looking clear and healthy. Using a sunscreen is important since the sun’s ultraviolet rays tend to cause more skin damage that you would expect. Cleansing and moisturizing are important and eating healthy foods always helps your skin to stay blemish free.

Skin Care Solutions
Your skin type is important to know about because you need to match your skin care products to your particular skin type. The following skin care information is helpful to know:

Your skin can be normal, dry, oily and combination.
Normal skin has a smooth and even tone and a soft texture. Normal skin should not have any visible blemishes, red spots or flaky areas. Your pores will barely be visible and normal skin in not oily or particularly dry. This type of skin may have a few imperfections. Normal skin should be washed two to three times each day with a mild facial cleanser or plain soap and water. Dirt and sweat should not remain on your face all day.

Dry skin has a dull or rough appearance and your pores may be visible. You may have an abnormal shedding of skin cells. You will need to wash your face daily with a mild cleanser if you have dry skin. Be sure to moisturize with a lotion that is hypo allergenic and does not contain any perfumes or alcohol. Hot showers should be limited and high temperatures outside can cause your skin to become drier. You may have drier skin during your winter months. Certain hydrants and moisturizers can be purchased for dry skin surfaces and be sure to avoid any soaps that are particularly drying.

Your skin may be oily and this type of skin tends to be more acne prone with pores that are larger. You may experience blackheads and pimples. Your hormone levels may be affecting your skin and causing break outs and stress can cause your skin to be more acne prone. Be sure to wash your face three times a day with plain soap and water. Cleansing pads can be used during the day if you are away from home.

Eating Habits and Stress
Your eating habits during your teen years significantly affect how clear your skin is. Certain foods that you eat during a normal day at school or away from home can cause your facial skin to break out unnecessarily. There are foods that are not healthy to eat on a continual basis and these foods include the following:

- Your skin will remain clear if you avoid certain foods. Be sure to watch what you eat and eat three well balanced meals a day. Breakfast is important and should include healthy choices. Sugary snacks that are eaten on a regular basis will tend to cause your skin to break out. Deep fried foods affect your body the same way. Fruits and vegetables help your skin to repair quickly and to remain clear.

- Drinking plenty of water is important for clear skin. Your body is made up of mostly water and drinking plenty of this fluid and other healthy fluids is critical for our skin.

- Avoiding stress is important for clear skin. It is impossible to avoid all stress but knowing that stressful times can cause your facial skin to break out will help you to know what to do. The days before a big exam at school can include healthy eating and preventive health measures.

Your skin care as a teen can begin by finding out what type of skin that you have. Your neighborhood dermatologist can tell you or you can ask a beauty consultant at a commercial location that you trust. Your selection of cleansing agents and moisturizers will depend on your skin type. Eating the right way always helps your overall health and this includes your skin’s health condition. Stress is a factor that often causes our complexion to break out especially if our skin is more acne prone.