Short Hair Formal Up-Do

image1Here we have our model Hailey whose hair we’ve just done in an evening look. It looks great but now we are going to morph this style into more of a look for a formal occasion.  So many women who have short hair are at a loss for formal image2hairstyles. Today I’m going to show you there is something you can do that will look gorgeous and appropriate. Maybe you’re going to a formal black-tie event or even a wedding, either way we have you covered. Short hair can be moulded into different styles but it requires a lot of product. You always need to make sure you have a great base of product on the hair to start with or it could fall limp before the end of the night. Versatility doesn’t have to be an obstacle with short hair if you have the right amount of product and a little patience.

We just styled Hailey’s hair so she already has a good amount of product in it and we can image3just build from there creating whatever look we want. We used a light styling spritz in her hair. We added that in while hitting it with a blow dryer at the same time, in the direction we wanted it to go. So when the hair is dried enough, just go back through it with the styling spray and blow dryer for some great volume like we just did with Hailey. Flipping your head up-side down and working the product through will do wonders but you’ll still image4need more product for this look. I’ll get some matte pomade on my hands; matte pomade is a pretty strong wax and you’ll just smudge it onto your fingers. Never put clean hands in your hair because the product already in your hair will stick to your hands and your volume will deflate.

Once you have the product on your hands, run it through from the roots to the tips to break up the style and start changing it to the new style. When creating a short hair up-do successfully you need to really work on getting some volume in the crown area and throughout the hair on the back of your head. Get some product on your hands and image5lift up the hair from the roots. You also will need to backcomb different sections of hair with the large end of the comb. You’ll be doing this by sight, there are no specific pieces, just eye it and adjust as needed. Backcombing shouldn’t damage your hair like teasing can so just be careful not to tease it.

image6Now we can get to sculpting it more and finishing off the style. Put some more pomade on your fingers and mould the hair into the shape you want. Start on one side and just take it back up over her ears then get a bobby pin and slide that into place to keep the hair held there. If the hair is thick like Hailey’s then reinforce it with two bobby pins and stabilize it with some firm hold hairspray. Use the same method on the other side of the head and get a curling iron ready to do the top of the hair. Eye out and curl back sections of hair on top of the head. Once you’re done putting the curls in, spray a light shine spray on your hands and break them up a bit by running your fingers through them. Spray a comb with some hair spray and use that to tidy up and sculpt any remaining hair in need of a tame. Add a good layer of firm hold hairspray over the whole head of hair and the formal look is complete.