Revamp Your Image

Some people end up getting stuck in an image rut over time. This tends to happen when one sticks with the same hair or clothing style for years on end. This happens out of complacency and comfort as people tend to get in those ruts because it is safe. However, many times those who have been in such fashion ruts eventually want a change and thus they decide the time has arrived for them to revamp their image. This is actually a refreshing change for most, though one needs to approach such changes with common sense. Whether the revamp is due to a change in lifestyle, weight loss, a new career or simply because you crave something new and fresh; to revamp ones image is a wonderful process to go through.

Start With the Image You Adore

The best way to revamp your image is to take an honest look at your current one and then compare that against others that you find appealing, attractive, alluring or just simply intriguing. This means taking time to look around you at those you know and those you do not know for ideas. You can also get more ideas by paying closer attention to celebrities, those on film and even on television. This will clue you in to the image you would want to have. In fact, taking a few notes along the way as to the things you like and dislike will also be quite helpful when the time comes to actually make those changes.

Hair is a Big One

Hair is a big image issue and one that should have some thought put in to any chance one is considering. This means making an appointment with a trusted stylist to discuss new colors, cuts and styles. Great stylists can help you make decisions and even show you what those ideas would look like on you. In fact, those same stylists also tend to be well versed in makeup as well and since an image change also includes a change in makeup, you can get that accomplished almost at the same time.

Clothing and Accessories

Yet another big aspect of ones image is clothing, shoes and accessory items. When you change your image you will also change your style to match that new persona. This may take some time and work as swapping out an entire wardrobe is costly so you want to try and work with as much as you already have and add new items as possible. You can make new outfits by pairing different items together. in fact, even just changing what you wear together and the type of shoes you put on can alter your image rather quickly. The key is to dress in a way that matches that new image and that new hair and makeup you have taken on as your new look.


One of the other key elements of ones image is attitude. This means that you need to be confident in your new image and thus you need to project confidence to others. This is important as when people change their appearance and image, some people are taken aback as it is a change to them as well. If you truly love your new look, make sure to radiate that confidence to others as that is the fastest way to get them to love the new you as well.

When you take on the task of revamping your image you are really revamping you as a person. The outward appearance should reflect who you are on the inside. This is why an image revamp is an important thing for some people as they have changed over time and thus they want their look to reflect those changes. One may have been a tomboy throughout teen and college years and had carefree hair and athletic clothing but now they are professionals who want an image to reflect that change. There are many reasons one chooses to change, but as long as it is because one wants to it is a great way to boost confidence and self esteem as everyone enjoys a new look and style as it draws attention and rave reviews when done properly.