Putting on the Right Print and Floral Clothing for Your Spring Choices

When it comes to women’s clothing, it’s all about making a statement. Sometimes, bold colors or a beautiful design will get the job done. During the spring season, you want to have beautiful colors all the while still having the comfort of a warm presence. You’re just coming from the winter time so get rid of all of the darker colors. Get a bit more risque with big designs and showing off a bit more that caters to the frame. These days it’s all about bigger is better. Subtly is fine, but the more experimental fashion presence is one that keeps the heads turning. Here are some good tips on how to choose the right print and floral for a women’s collection.

Picking the Right Patchwork Print 


Truth be told – patchwork in print has never left. It’s only remained very subtle throughout the years. However, these days the patchwork print has become in style for jackets, pants, and other items outside of just the high couture print scarves like Louis Vuitton.  As you start getting into spring days where the temperature rises in the 60s and early 70s, there’s a need to break out into more bold print styles that complements the look of the season. The brighter the look, the better. Pairing it with the right top that have the same colors but in smaller detail, will certainly add a great contrast. Women tend to go for the standout jacket in unison with more low key tops and jackets.

Selecting Your Floral Piece to Wear

2Floral-based pieces are another evergreen kind of fashion selection. The key difference is that now the floral element on your top will be a bit more bold. Some people don’t like a floral detail that’s so minute that it’s the focal point of the top. They like a kind of motif that’s bigger but doesn’t clash with the overall look of the garment. Some like more outstanding colors like green, purple, and gold. This is perfectly fine in the spring. However, a nice baby blue with a subtle chocolate belt will give it great warming look which also ties into the spring. At the end of the day, it’s all about comfort and how it looks on your body. If it’s something you enjoy and want to wear, pick it up and put it on any day in the spring. Fashion is all about putting your personality in the details.

The Right Style for Your Personality 

3At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you go with a more experimental or relaxing style. It has to suit your needs. Maybe your floral print is more of a kimono kind of flavor. A good Japanese style has a certain elegance and comfort to the spring weather. Also, it may be a bit more abstract so it kind of hides some of the detail unless a person with a good eye can see what lies in the piece. Maybe you just like good detail but it doesn’t have to be so loud. A good chrysanthemum pattern with a beautiful color scheme will be great for those day parties.