Products that Treat Skin Discoloration

There are a ton of over-the-counter products on the market today that can be used to rejuvenate your skin no matter what type of rejuvenation you require. There are many changes your skin undergoes as it ages including wrinkles and your pores growing larger. Sun exposure leads to premature skin aging, but it can be reversed. This includes treating skin discoloration. Skin discoloration can come in many forms and have several different causes and there are also many ways to combat it using over-the-counter treatments.

Skin discoloration usually appears as darker spot or patches on the skin. This can be miasma or mask or pregnancy. It can also appear as dark circles underneath your eyes or brown spots on your arms or face from sun exposure. The products used to treat skin discoloration need to include ingredients like retinol, vitamin K, bleaching creams or combinations of these ingredients. Retinol is vital for repairing damaged, discolored skin and vitamin K can speed the process. Bleaching creams help to quickly lighten dark skin.

The best skin discoloration treatment products will also contain sun protection to prevent the dark spots from returning and to protect your skin from future sun damage. Sun screens should have an SPF of at least 15 and should be reapplied every 2 hours if you are spending a lot of time in the sun.


Retinol removes the superficial, top layer of skin. This is a process known as exfoliation, which is great for your skin because it allows other products to reach the healthy layers of skin below and it clears out your pores. Dead or dry skin can get in the way and often leads to other skin conditions as well. Often times darker spots and patches on the skin are largely concentrated in this top layer or your dermis.

Retinol products can be used in conjunction with other products and should be used first because of their exfoliating properties. Retinol is also valuable because thickens up the healthy layers of skin beneath the unhealthy skin once that unhealthy skin is removed. It can even help to eliminate pre-cancerous skin cells and abnormal cells then it helps to evenly distribute melanin. Melanin gives color to the skin and is what leads to skin discoloration. Evenly distributing the melanin breaks up dark spots and lightens the skin that is discolored.

Retinol Products

There are two great retinol-containing products. The first is by Neutrogena and it is called Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream. It also comes with SPF 15 to protect your skin from the sun. RoC’s Deep Wrinkle Night Cream is the second retinol cream treatment. Both of these products work best when applied at night. The Neutrogena cream may also be used during the day too.

Other Products

One of the best skin discoloration treatments is Mela-D Bright by La Roche-Posay. It contains the bleaching agent, kojic acid. It also has vitamin C, which is another great ingredient to help rejuvenate skin. Bleaching agents for your skin work just like bleach does for your clothes only it lightens melanin, particularly in areas where it has bunched together to create dark spots. Kojic acid actually reduces the amount of melanin. Mela-D Bright also contains a very good sunscreen, which allows you to use the product during the day.

Anthelios with Mexoryl is another great product. It contains one of the best sunblocks that you can find anywhere today. It also contains some of the other great ingredients to deal with skin discoloration and dark spots.

A Note About Sun Damage

Sun exposure not only stimulates your melanin, but it also stimulates melanocyte. Melanocyte is similar to melanin and is closely associated with melanin production. If you already have sun damage or your hope to avoid it you need to minimize your body’s production of melanocyte. This will in turn make your skin less likely to develop dark spots associated with melanin.

Under Eye Circles

Dark circles under your eyes are also associated with melanocyte production. They can occur even without sun damage or sun exposure. They are often associated with natural aging and they can be treated with the exact same products you may use for other types of skin discoloration.