Picking the Right Women’s Trench Coat for an Evening

Stemming from the 1950s, a trench coat has been a fashion standard for over 60 years. It’s something that never falls out of style, but the motif of the coat might be a bit different. Sure, you can have a trench coat for the winter time which might have a more wool material. However, spring is also a great time to get a lighter trench coat that has more of a cotton/linen kind of feel. The colors are bit lighter and match the time. Also, you’ll pair it up with a different kind of undertone for your top and bottom. Here are some tips to choose the right trench coat for your spring season.

The Best Time to Buy a Trench Coat

1In a lot of cases, you should buy one right before the weather breaks. Of course, a winter one with wool and cashmere would fetch for a premium price. However, you can look at different clearance racks and stores online to help you get discounted prices for items. Let’s say you are interested in a linen or cotton trench coat, you might be able to get a significant price reduction because it’s not in season. Find places where they overstock certain items and maybe even get last year’s model. If it’s subtle looking, then people probably will not be able to tell the difference if it’s last year or this year. Trench coats no matter the year tend to remain in style because they are always a hot buy. Keep this in mind when you begin shopping for your perfect trench coat.

Coordinating with the Right Outfit

2You should always let the trench coat be the focus of your outfit. However, you need the right ensemble to pull the whole look off to make things mesh well together.  Let’s say you have double breasted trench coat. Maybe you should have in a white color so it looks more bold and clean. Then you can have a beautiful and black patent leather piping to make the color pop a bit more. For your pants, you can go with black and the shoes can be patent leather just as the piping of the coat. Maybe your top can be a gold or yellow color to go with a spring theme. This would certainly be a well put-together outfit that matches but not to the point you overdo it.

An Alternative to the Classic Trench Coat

3Maybe you want something a bit more modern. Well, there are great over pieces that combine a certain copper and metallic element which are in-season more months out the year. Sometimes, it’s not about finding the vintage or the classic material you can wear for a couple of months. Each fashionista has a different taste than the rest and that’s what gives them a unique flavor. The more copper/brown looking jackets look great during the spring and fall months. It gives you much more versatility in your clothing arsenal than a simple white or black trench coat.