Picking Some Stylish Glasses for Your Eyes

Selecting the perfect eye wear is not just about having something that’s functional, it also should be an item that complements your style. Whether you are more into rectangular or circular frames, sunglasses, transition lenses, you have choices for your look. Picking up a pair of glasses can be a rather tedious process because there’s a lot to choose from, but you’ll eventually find something enjoyable. Here are some tips to help you choose some stylish glasses for your eyes.

Before You Get Started


One of the things you should get first is a prescription update. Sometimes, this will include a brief eye examination to see how your vision is changed especially if you haven’t purchased new glasses for while. This will help the optician find out if you need a brand new prescription before you test your glasses. Make sure you have some good insurance to cover the cost along with purchasing your new eyeglasses. Do you have sensitivity to light but don’t like sunglasses? You can get transitional lenses that change with the weather in extreme cold or extreme heat. This will make your frames much more comfortable to wear when you’re out and about.

Do the Glasses Match Your Personality

 2This is one of the most important things because your glasses represent you. Remember, these frames are something you will wear nearly everyday if you don’t use contact lenses. It has to suit your personality. Look at the detail of the frame in the mirror while you try them on. Do the glasses fit your face? You want your glasses centered correctly and to go over your face without feeling too tight or too loose. Additionally, do the glasses match your eye color? This is important because you want your glasses to standout but not to the point where it clearly defeats the purpose of why you wear it. You don’t have to go through the whole “Rolodex” of glasses. Look at the frame color and the legs of the glasses and see how they work with your face.

Make Sure Your Glasses Complements Your Eyes and Face

 3Not only should you worry about it personally, you need to see how certain frames match up to your eyes. One of the key things is making sure your eyes are centered in the lenses. This will have a bit of an effect on your vision especially when you look in different directions. Also, it just looks off visually in your frames. If you tend to have a more round or wide face, you’ll definitely want to get wider frames. Likewise if you have a face that’s small, you want glasses to match how your face looks. Additionally, you want the sides of your glasses to fit the sides of your face. Look at how lens goes with your eyebrows as well. Everything should be even throughout the look and feel of the wear. It’s like finding the right tie and pocket square to go with your suit and shirt.