Nail Care Giving a Pedicure

To give someone a pedicure, you will need the following things; A foot bath that’s filled with warm water, bubble bath (optional), several towels, nail polish (color of the client’s choosing), base and top coat, nail polish remover, a foot file, credo, exfoliant cream, cuticle remover, toe nail clipper, a nail file, an orange stick, a hindoo stone, a nail brush, massage cream or oil, cotton pads, powder, a 4-sided nail buffer, and nail separators. To give someone a proper pedicure, it will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete; That’s not counting the 10 minutes it takes for the client’s nails to dry after they’ve been painted.

Giving someone a pedicure usually involves a foot bath. You’ll want the foot bath to be filled with warm water that’s a comfortable temperature for your client to have their feet in. Adding bubble bath to the water can make the foot bath extra nice. If your client has old nail polish on, it should be removed with nail polish remover before they stick their feet into the foot bath. Otherwise, after their feet having been soaking for several minutes; You can remove one foot from the water and begin to scrub it with a foot file so that dead skin cells are exfoliated away. After about 5 minutes of scrubbing, you can put their foot back in the water and scrub the other one.

Once both feet have been scrubbed, you’ll proceed by taking out the first person’s foot from the water again and use credo to scrap away any callouses that the client may have. After both feet have been scrubbed free of callouses, you should apply exfoliant cream on the soles of the feet and then start off with the client’s first foot again (while the other remains in the water); Apply cuticle remover to all 5 toes and cut the client’s toe nails while letting the cuticle cream soak into their skin for several minutes. After all five nails have been cut, you can use a nail file to shape the nails. Once the nails have been cut and shaped; Use an orange stick to clean out the nail beds of any dirt that has gotten trapped beneath the nails; Once that’s done, you can use a hindoo stone to clean off excess cuticles from the client’s nails and push them back. Cleans their nails thoroughly. When all the steps have been completed for the first foot, return back to water, and repeat all the steps again with the client’s second foot.

When both feet have been done, it’s now time to massage the client’s legs and feet; You’ll want to skip the massage if the client has heart problems or apparent bruises on their legs. You should use a generous amount of massage cream or oil on their legs and feet and you massage it into their skin for several minutes, doing one leg at a time. Once the massage is done, you should be sure to clean off all the massage oil; You can do this by dipping a cotton pad in nail polish remover.

You should then dust powder onto the client’s soles and then buff their nails in preparation of adding nail polish. Before starting to paint their nails, you should apply a nail separator between their toes to prevent getting nail polish on the client’s skin. You’ll want to start by first using a base coat before applying the nail polish; You should paint each nail once (all ten toes) and then repeat with a second layer of nail polish, then finish up with a layer of top coat. The client should then wait about 10 minutes for their nails to dry.

The client could always opt not to get their nails painted and end the pedicure after their nails have been buffed, since buffing leaves the nails shiny; If that’s the case, then the pedicure has been completed. When you’ve finished giving someone a pedicure, it’s important that you disinfect all pedicure utensils before giving someone else a pedicure; If you find out that you gave someone a pedicure who has an infection, all utensils should be thrown out instead of disinfected.