Mixing and Matching Clothing

Fashion stylist’s will tell you that the very basics of styling starts with mixing and matching your clothing. It’s only through the exploration of different mixes that we find our own unique style. Plus, there are lots of incredibly easy ways to do this even if you’re on a limited budget. So here are the basics:

Having a few different basic tops can go a very long way in developing your wardrobe options. Think in terms of layers here. Have a few different camisoles, t-shirts, blouses, and fancy tops to swap in for different occasions. However, the great thing about mixing and matching is that even with only a few options between all of those types of tops you can create a very stylist look.

Think of this as another layer to your wardrobe. Having a few different types of jackets can really enhance the versatility of your outfit. By adding just a shrug, scarf, light jacket, blazer, or a cardigan you can totally change an outfit. This also helps with making an outfit warmer for the colder seasons. So your favorite spring dress is too short for the winter- add thick leggings/tights, cool boots, and a nice jacket and now all of a sudden it’s wearable all year long.

Just think of all the options and lengths. Seriously, they are endless. With a few different skirts, jeans, leggings, tights, and slacks (and anything in between) you exponentially increase your wardrobe options. I’ll even include dresses in this, which means by just adding some accessories and a jacket you can have a new outfit. Have a short skirt that you really like but is too cold for winter? Add some patterned leggings and a sweater and you might be surprised by the warm winter ensemble that you just created from a “summer” skirt.

Think about all the types of accessories you have at your disposal. Purses, wallets, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, belts, scarves, even hair accessories. All these (in conjunction) add depth to your wardrobe, while also personalizing it. By adding some pearls to a very simple black wrap dress you can turn your outfit into an incredibly classy dinner ensemble.

High heals, Pumps, flats, sandals, boots, sneakers, and high tops. The styles are even more abundant than all the types of shoes you can buy these days. Add high heels to an outfit and it can become evening wear. Adding flats to an outfit can create a great dress casual that works for almost every occasion. Shoes can be secondary or they can be the highlight. These are just so many styles that your options are completely open.

By taking all these different elements apply the mix and match theory you real can create any type of outfit you like. Get basic with a black camisole and light blue blouse with a simple black skirt. Just a few items can already create a distinct style. Add a necklace, pumps, and a headband to create even more depth to your outfit. The basics of styling boils down to mixing and matching of styles, types, and categories into layers for your outfit.

Think about swinging by the clearance rack at every clothing store you go to. If you think in terms of pieces to other outifts, you’ll find a treasure trove of potential in those bargain bins. Plus, for the basics you can find everything you need at a regular Target or Wal-Mart. The key to it is the layering. Buy an outfit in terms of pieces rather can outfits. Think of different ways that you can change up your wardrobe even just based on what you have already. There are probably a few things that you haven’t tried before. Be brave. If you don’t experiment a little bit you’ll never find what works best for you and your body type. Gauge the responses, ask co-workers what they think, ask family or friends. The key is experimentation and a little honest feedback from some people who you trust. It might be trial and error, but you’ll find that you will naturally start to gravitate toward a certain sense of style that is comfortable for you and your personality.