Massage: Using Tapotement Techniques

image1The Swedish have a massage technique called Tapotement that you probably have never heard the name of before, but oddly you may have probably seen used in comedy on TV or maybe even joked around using it on someone else.  There are different moves with this technique so it’s likely you’ve only used one of them but at least you may have an idea of what it is once I give you a quick demonstration of that particular movement.  You’ll know it when you see it. First off we need to assume a proper stance to perform these techniques to give us the correct range of motion.  You should have your knees bent and be kind of in a squat so you can move around at the right height to reach your client.

image2The first and most famous technique I’ll be showing you is called hacking. You should assume the proper position first off then position your hands in a way that might resemble a karate chop. Instead of moving the elbows you should only be moving the wrists though.  Use both of your hands and keep your fingers spread open until you hit the client and let them close back and forth on each hand as it makes contact with the client’s tissue. You should hear the sound of your hand coming down only slightly. Most of the sound should come from your fingers clapping down on each other and absorbing some of the shock. If you’ve seen this done jokingly before you should now recognise it and know the actual way it’s to be performed in a serious situation.

image3Now let’s move onto another Tapotement massage method. This one is referred to as pounding and to do it you must use the flat of your knuckles and the heel of your hand. It should somewhat resemble a fist that isn’t fully closed. This form will give you a small air gap that will make a sound when you hit down. This is a heavier technique as well so rotate hands coming down to strike the clients muscle but make sure to use more of the weight of your wrist falling then force from the muscle in your arms. Move your body back and forth to reach the different areas.

image4The next Tapotement technique is called quacking because it resembles the sound of a quack when your hands hit the muscle tissue. Put your hands together like you were going to say your prayers and pull them down to your chest so your elbows are more level. Now, standing over the areas you’re going to massage, keep your hands together and flick your wrists down to hit the muscle. Make sure your stance is consistent with these techniques so your moving your body and wrists more instead of your arms. There is also the rapping/beating technique where you rap your knuckles on the client’s muscle as if to knock on a door.  We also have tapping where you use your finger tips to tap back and forth. The force from this should come from the wrist as well.  To hear more about Tapotement and its other forms like cupping, pinchment and the lengths of time to do the various forms, continue watching this instructional video.