Makeup Tips Apply Lip Liner

Lip liner has a purpose that plays a significant role in your overall lip look; It prevents the color of your lipstick or lip gloss from feathering and keeps the color within the lines of your lips, it also helps the color last longer so that it doesn’t fade and disappear as fast. Things that you will need: lip moisturizer, A good quality lip liner in the color of your choosing, a lip stick or lip gloss (also in the color of your choosing), and a lip brush (optional). You’ll also want to have a few Q-tips, tissues, or wipes on hand in case you make a mistake.

Before applying anything to your lips, whether it be a lip liner, lip stick, or a lip gloss, you should always moisturize; Your lips won’t look appealing under your lip products if they’re dry and cracked. You can do this by swiping on a layer of lip moisturizer a few minutes before you apply any lip products, allowing the moisturizer to sink into your lips before wiping off the excess; If you leave any moisturizer on your lips before applying your lip products, it may cause the color to wear off more quickly.

The first step is to choose the color of lip liner that will work best with the look that you’re trying to achieve; If you want your lips to have an overall nude look that’s light, you won’t want to choose a lip liner color that’s dark. If you’re choosing a darker lip color, you’ll want to choose a lip liner color that’s in the same color shade so that both products complement each other on your lips instead of clash.

When you’re ready to start applying your lip liner, you’ll want to first place two dots over the highest point of your lips at the cupids bow; Then make a horizontal dash along the center of your bottom lip, being sure to keep it as close to the edge of your lip as possible. You should then connect the three marks that you have made, using short strokes to do so as you glide the lip pencil along the edges of your lips. If you try to simply outline your lips in one movement, this heightens the chance of going outside the edges of your lips and making a mistake; It’s best to take it slow. This is when having a few Q-tips, tissues, or wipes on hand will come in handy should you happen to make a mistake that you need to clean up.

Once the edges of your lips have been lined, you can take then lip pencil and cover your whole lip to blend it together. Be sure to include the corners of your mouth, you don’t want to forget them; Including the corners will prevent your lip color from fading and potentially leaving you with outlined lips with no color between the lines, which could look unusual and definitely not the look you were going for.

Once you’re done lining your lips with the lip liner, you can then apply your lip color; Which can be just a lipstick, just a lip gloss, or both (lip gloss over your lipstick). If you’re applying lipstick, you should use a lip brush instead of applying it straight from the tube; By using a lip brush, you’ll have more control over where the color of the lipstick is going and you won’t have to worry about smearing the lines of your lip liner.

Applying lip gloss after you’ve applied lip liner and lipstick can make your lips appear fuller and shinier. You can choose to top your lipstick with a clear lip gloss, a color which goes with any lip color; Or choose a lip gloss in the same color shade as your lip liner and lipstick, which would further complement the look. If you want darker lips, you could apply a lip gloss that’s a darker shade than your lipstick; If you want lighter lips, you can apply a lip gloss that’s a lighter shade than your lip stick. A shimmer gloss can also complement any shade of lip color and make your lips look extra shiny.