Makeup for Teens Creating a Flawless Complexion

As girls grow and mature, they inevitably want to experiment with makeup. Some parents do not allow teens to wear makeup, while others are happy that their little girls are growing up and will gladly allow some makeup to be worn by their teen. Applying makeup for teen girls should be minimal. Most parents do not want their daughter to look too grown up by wearing makeup. One important tip for teens who want to wear makeup is less is more. The most common reason girls want to wear makeup is of course peer pressure. All their friends are wearing it, they feel they should be allowed to as well. Other girls have blemishes they would like to conceal, or other face flaws that they want to hide. Learning to apply makeup correctly is a rite of passage for any teenage girl.

When girls want to start wearing makeup what they want to wear may frighten some parents. As with anything other new endeavor, they need to be taught proper makeup for teens. The important thing for parents and teens to keep in mind is that young, developing skin can be sensitive to some types of makeup. For beginners, it is recommended to use makeup that is gentile and will not harm skin and clog pours causing pimples to form. Many cosmetic products have lines that are dedicated to teen or extra sensitive skin. These products will contain less harmful ingredients so as not to damage sensitive skin.

The first thing that should be taught to our teenage daughters who want to start wearing makeup is how to properly clean their face. Knowing her skin type is important when it comes to choosing the right cleansers and makeup for teens. Some teens have very oily skin while others have dry or normal skin. Check the face T-zone, the area across the forehead and down the nose. If this area seems very oily, choose makeup made for oily skin. Since teenage girls hormones are in a constant state of change, her skin type may vary.

For cleansers, choose a product that is gentile and will not be too harsh for skin. It should remove makeup and dirt while not harming skin. A good moisturizer is essential for any teen makeup kit. For teen girls wanting that flawless complexion, it is important to make sure they are cleaning and moisturizing properly. For those times in a girlís life when blemishes appear, applying a light coat of foundation and a little blemish conceal cream is good. For times that the facial skin is blemish free, just a gentile sunscreen moisturizer is all that is needed.

Some girls want to wear mascara, eye shadow, blush and lip stick. These should also be appropriate for sensitive skin and the teenís skin type and tone. Light-skinned girls should use caution when using dark colors. Purple, gold, blue and tan are good choices for teens with brown or hazel eyes. For those with blue eyes, blue, gold, silver, purple and neutral are best. If she has green eyes, most colors will go nicely.

When teaching teenage daughters to wear makeup it is important to teach them not to wear too much. They are already beautiful girls. Too much makeup will make them look too grownup. Less is always more when it comes to our little girls wearing makeup. Often girls begin with a little lip-gloss and some mascara. As they mature, they experiment with eye shadow, blush and foundations. Guide your teen to the right choices and she will learn to properly apply makeup and take care of her skin.

Teenage girls want a flawless skin look, good skin care habits are the best way to insure that their complexion remains clear and blemish free. For those times when their skin is less than perfect, a little makeup will go a long way to concealing and freshening up. Teaching girls proper skin care and makeup application will insure your teenager looks like a teenager and not like a more mature woman. Little girls grow up quickly. Teaching them the proper makeup application will help them grow gracefully. Teach them right and there will be no teenage makeup battles to worry about.