Makeup for Mature Skin

image1If you’ve noticed your skin is maturing and your old makeup routine isn’t doing you justice any more then you’re in the right place. Today we are going to talk about some professional tips you’ll be able to use in your day to day makeup routine with ease. These tips will keep you looking fresh faced and youthful even on the longest days. Now let’s talk about face powder. When your skin is becoming mature you’ll want to start using a powder that has an illuminating effect. It will make it look like your skin is glowing and radiant which is what we are going for.  The second thing we need to talk about is your eyeshadow. Invest in some quality cream matte shadows. These will really help give a seamless finish with a little color and then make sure you get some cream blush, some lip liner and some lip gloss. For the face and lips you’ll want products with a little sheen to have you looking bright and fresh.

image2So let’s jump right into the application process. Get out your illuminating powder and pick some up with your brush. Knock off any excess powder and sweep this onto your face gently until your foundation is set. Make sure you bring it down your neck to blend it well. By using this illuminating powder over your foundation, you’ll get more than just some radiance; your makeup will last much longer as well. Our model today has naturally beautiful brows that are full and shapely so we can move right passed those onto the eyelids. Take your cream shadow and, using a finger, start to gently apply it starting at the upper lash line and work your way upward to blend it out. Make sure you apply it all over the lid so you have an even coverage when you’re finished.

image3To give a little more definition on the eyes, get a slightly deeper matte color and gently apply with a brush on the outer corner of the eye to give a lifting effect. Blend it out towards the eyebrow. Shadows in earth tones are best for daytime looks and remember when it comes to your eye lids you don’t want a shimmer because it tends to accentuate any fine lines or wrinkles. You want a versatile look so stick with neutral colors and you’ll get a soft and natural look that will go with any outfit. For the eyeliner just use a small brush and some off-black powder. Apply it along the lash line to give the illusion of thicker lashes without any harsh lines. Put on some mascara to open your eyes and help your lashes stand out even more.

image4Now use your fingers to lightly feather on some cream blush. Cream is the best format of blush to keep your skin looking hydrated and dewy longer. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks and then you can move onto applying your lip liner. Trace the natural line of your lips and finish off with a sheeny lip gloss to give the effect of fuller lips. Loosing fullness in the lips is a common worry for mature women so this trick really helps to play the lips up and give your confidence a boost. Add these tips to your makeup routine you’ll be feeling fabulous once again.