How to Put in Hair Extensions

Many people prefer short hair as it is simple to care for. There are times when some want longer hair to just change their look up a bit. There are a couple of ways to have long hair, one it to wait for it to grow, which can take quite a long time, the other is to use hair extensions. Using extensions will give instant, long hair, without waiting for hair to grow on its own. There are many options for hair extensions. They can be made of real human hair or synthetic hair that is made of plastic. Some types use clips while others use a type of fusion with glue or wax applied to the ends that attach to hair. Doing a little research on how to put hair extensions in your hair may help you decide what type to use.

Choose Hair Type
First, you will need to choose real or fake hair. Real hair will look and act just like your own hair. It is cared for just as your own hair. The downside is that real hair extensions are quite expensive. Fake hair extensions are less expensive, but often do not perform as real hair making it easy to detect the extensions. It may not be as shiny and smooth as your own hair.

Choose Extension Type
There are two basic types of hair extensions. One uses a clip to attach to your hair and the other uses a glue.

Clip On Extensions
The clip on type of hair extensions are the simplest ones to apply. They do have to be reattached on a daily basis as they tend to slip out of your hair.

1. To apply clip on extensions you must first separate your hair into sections. Put the top part of your hair in a pony tail leaving the section of hair underneath the pony that the first layer of extensions will be attached to.

2. Next, tease the hair at the root to give the clips something to attach to. You will want to tease the hair to about a half an inch. This adds fullness and will allow the clips to be hidden by your hair. Attach the extensions evenly around your head.

3. Once the first layer of extensions are applied, let part of the pony tail down to cover the first layer of extensions. Repeat the process of teasing and attaching the extensions until you have attached all the extensions.

4. If attaching more than two layers of extensions, continue this process until all extensions are clipped on and you have a beautiful new long hair look.

Fusion Type Hair Extensions

1. To apply the fusion extensions you must start with clean hair that is free from dirt and other styling residue. Do not condition your hair when preparing to attach fusion type extensions. While waiting for your hair to dry, you will need to make some dividers to protect your scalp from coming into contact with the glue or wax.

2. Using card stock paper cut a three-inch circle. Cut a small hole in the center of the circle to pull small pieces of hair through. This will protect your scalp when attaching the extensions.

3. Once your hair is dry, pull up all but the last couple inches of hair and clip it out of the way. Pull hair through the divider you just made. Make sure you pull enough hair for the section of the extension.

4. Carefully position the extension so that the adhesive is not touching the scalp. Using a flat iron, once the extension is where you want it, heat the extension close to the scalp to activate the adhesive. Let the remaining hair out of the clips, drop another inch or two of hair and clip the rest back up.

5. Continue with the divider and flat iron until all extensions are attached. Hair extensions are a great way to get long hair without waiting for natural hair to grow. Some people with shorter hair like the look of long hair once in a while, but enjoy the look of a longer style, without the wait. Using hair extensions is a way to have the best of both long and short hair styles.