How to Give a Manicure

Manicures are a nice way to freshen up the look and feel of oneís hands. Men and women alike get manicures. Nicely manicured nails look shiny and healthy. A good manicure can up lift spirits and leave hands feeling and looking their best. There is much more to a professional manicure than just a fresh coat of polish. A good manicure is like a massage and spa treatment for hands. Some women like bright vivid color or even fancy graphics and designs. Most men do not have colored nail polish applied. A nice buff and clear polish is the usual manicure choice for men.

To give someone a professional manicure, you will need some supplies handy. Gather them up and get ready to make someone’s day.

1. A gentile hand soap
2. 1 or 2 clean hand towels
3. 2 bowls, 1 filled with hot water and 1 for an oil soak
4. Oil for soaking fingers, almond oil, grape seed oil or sunflower oil are good choices
5. A good exfoliating/moisturizing lotion
6. Cuticle softener
6. Nail care tools, orange stick, file, clippers
7. Cotton balls
8. Nail polish remover
9. Nail polish

Once supplies are gathered, have the person getting the manicure wash their hands thoroughly with the gentile hand soap. Have them rest their hands on a hand towel. To make it more comfortable, fold the end to form a wrist rest. A manicure should be a relaxing experience. Using the towel to rest the wrist prevents cramping from keeping hands in good manicure position.

Next, apply exfoliating lotion. Massage it all over the hands and nails. Pay special attention to the area around the nail bed. With a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover, gently remove old polish and any residue from the lotion. Allow hands to dry completely. Using a good emery board, shape and even up the fingernails. Be sure to use light, even strokes and only file in one direction to prevent nail damage. Using a back and forth motion will damage the nail and cause breaking and peeling.

Next, with the cuticle softener, massage the cuticle area. Soak hands in the bowl of warm water for a few minutes to let the cuticle softener soften the cuticle. Using the orange stick, very gently push the cuticles back from the nail. Never ever, cut cuticles. Once the cuticles are softened and pushed back, wash hands again.

Using a good moisturizing lotion or hand cream, massage hands from wrist to finger tips. Take your time on this step so that the hands will be completely relaxed. For a warm oil treatment, place a small amount of the oil in the smaller bowl, just enough to cover fingers up to the nails. To warm the oil, place it in the larger bowl filled with hot water. Soak hands for 5 minutes or so. Once soaking is finished, wash hands again to remove excess oil and use a polish remover soaked cotton ball to wipe away any oil that may not have come off the nails.

Now buff the nails to a shine using a good quality nail buffer. Before moving to applying paint to the nails inspect them for ridges and bumps. If the nails have deep ridges or bumps, buff them smooth and use a good nail ridge filler before the base coat. For men, this may be the place to stop, if they do not want any nail color.

Now, we move on to polishing the nails. First, apply a clear base coat to prep the nails for polishing. Allow base coat to dry completely. Next, paint the nails with the chosen color. Two or three coats may be necessary to achieve the desired shade. Allow polish to dry between coats. The final coat of polish should be a good top coat. The top coat will seal the color and make the manicure last longer. Keeping fingernails manicured can make one feel good and look good. Some women and men get regular manicures for a special pampering treat. It is important to make sure all tools used for a manicure are kept clean and sterile to prevent infection on any broken skin. A good manicure will last for weeks before needing to remove and re-polish.