How to Find the Perfect Fitting Bra

Finding the right bra that fits well can enhance your appearance and your self esteem. It’s also important that you find the right-fitting bra so that you’re comfortable in your clothing.

The first step to finding the perfect fitting bra is to measure your band size. This can be done by measuring above your bust area, around your armpits, and pulling the tape as tight as possible; If you notice any of your flesh puckering under the tape, that’s normal. The reason the measurement is taken so tightly is because you want the band of your bra to fit snugly; However, you can roundup slightly if you don’t measure to an exact inch. You’re then going to want to measure around the fullest part of your bust, measuring over your nipples; This measurement shouldn’t be taken as tightly. This can be measured the same way as your band measurement; If you don’t measure to an exact inch, you can round up.

Once both of those measurements have been taken, you can find your cup size by subtracting your band measurement from your bust measurement. For every difference there is in an inch, you go up a cup size; For example, 1″ equals an A cup, 2″ equals a B cup, 3″ equals a C cup and so forth. If you happen to have a cup size that’s greater than a D; You may have to try on different bra sizes while shopping for bras since different manufactures classify these sizes differently. If you want to try on a bra that has a smaller band size, you should compensate the change by choosing a larger cup size than your measurement. For example; If a 36B bra’s band is too loose, you can try a 34C bra instead. If you want a bra with a larger band size, you’ll compensate the difference by choosing a smaller cup size; For example, if a 34B bra is too tight, you can try a 36A bra instead.

To know if a bra fits properly as you wear it, You should hook the bra at your waist and then only lift the front of the bra as high as it can go without pulling it over your breasts; Doing this will ensure that your bra provides enough lift in the front while the back of the bra stays low to give the proper support. When a bra fits properly, your breasts should be held halfway between your shoulder and elbow. Since breast tissue is soft, your breasts should stay exactly where you put them if your bra fits properly. To settle everything into place, you can jiggle slightly as you grasp the front of the bra.

You shouldn’t over tighten the straps or the closure on your bra; Doing so can make the bra very uncomfortable to wear and even affect your posture in a negative way. Straps should never be tightened to the point where they’re putting pressure on your shoulders, doing so can cause you to slouch forward; You should also never tighten the straps to the point where they left the bra up in the back, the bra’s band needs to stay low to provide you with adequate support in the front. Breast size is something that can change overtime as does the rest of your body, therefore you’ll need to get fitted anytime you gain or lose more than 10 pounds. To get a professional fitting, most lingerie stores offer them for free; You should get fitted at a store which offers a wide variety of brands, otherwise your fitting could be limited to the sizing of bras that the store sells.

When shopping for a bra, it’s important that you try it on before your purchase it. Since sizing can vary from bra to bra, each one will fit a bit different; You should take the time to make sure that each bra you’re getting fits properly, because they not all may even if they are all the same size. When trying on a bra; You should move around a bit to ensure that it’s comfortable and that it will stay put as you wear it; If it’s comfortable and doesn’t move around, then you know you’ve found a proper fitting bra.