How to be Your Own Fashion Stylist

The right way to dress, apply makeup and even wear ones hair all come together to create a stylish appearance. Though some crave professional guidance and help in such matters, it is quite easy to be ones own fashion stylist by using a few simple tricks and techniques. When done properly, you will have that runway, magazine or trendy look you want and you will have the one works best for you and your own personal sense of style.

Assess What You Have

To get things started, you need to know everything you already own. This means taking pictures of each item individually and include everything from tops, pants, dresses and coats to shoes and purses as well. once you have captured images for everything, you can then start building a database of items and potential outfits. The easiest way to use these pictures is to have them printed and the place them in folders based on the type of item they are as this is helpful once you really start getting creative in your fashion styling.

Organize Those Pictures and Outfits

The next thing you need to do once you have all of those pictures is to organize them even more. This is best done by assigning a number to the back of each one as this will make creating outfits far easier. This is because you will create outfits and log the combinations by simply listing the corresponding numbers. This can also be done via a computer program that gathers photos and allows you to move and manipulate the pictures. This is an option for those that are tech savvy and prefer digital photos over printed ones.

Start by pairing things together and when the look is right for you, jot down the numbers on the back so you can remember. Yet another good trick is to list the outfits based on occasion. This means a list of great combinations for work, play, nights out on the town and even special events. This way you simply need to just check your list, find the photo and then pull those items out of your closet to have that perfect look.

Get The Camera Ready

Yet another way to really make sure those outfits you create look good on you is to snap some pictures for your own reference. This is a key step as not everyone can wear everything. This way when you create those outfits that look good via pictures, you can try those outfits own and take pictures to review so you can see if you look and feel confident in those outfit creations you designed.

Adding Items

One will find that they want new additions to their wardrobe and this works well when you have all of those other items nicely organized. This way you know what you can buy that will work well with other items and outfits. It is a far better approach compared to simply buying random items and then not really having anything to pair them with. One thing to keep in mind is to photograph and log every new purchase so you always have that running list of items you have.

The key to being your own fashion stylist is to not just know what items you have to work with but to also know what works best for you. This means knowing what clothes, styles, colors and cuts you feel and look the best in as this will make being stylish much easier. not everyone is confident nor comfortable in tight clothes and thus when you find you have some that never get worn, you may want to get rid of those to make room for additional items that you will wear.

In the end, once you learn how to put together outfits from head to toe in the right manner, pair the perfect hair and makeup with each look and be confident in your decisions; you will have become your own fashion stylist. This is a great way to take control over how you look and dress as it is a more organized and controlled approach to fashion and style compared to simply just throwing on whatever seems to go together.