How to Apply Wedding Day Makeup

On your wedding day, there are several small details that you had to think about in order to get all the planning done. The one thing that woman think about most is their look with their wedding gown. There are several ways that makeup can be put on for your special day depending on your venue, wedding time, and your complexion. This is going to provide you with several tips on how to apply your makeup for your wedding day.

To get started with your wedding day makeup, you will need the following items: eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, cheek color, lip liner, lip gloss, under eye concealer, foundation, q-tips, cotton balls, and a water bottle. This way, if you have any smudging, you will be able to remove the smudges right away. You are going to need to choose your colors that you are going to use based upon your complexion. Wedding day makeup is more natural and not dramatic. This shows the woman’s natural beauty.

First, you are going to start with your face prep. For this process, you are going to need your under eye concealer, foundation, loose powder, and cheek color. You will start off using the under eye concealer. You are going to need to choose a color that is close to your complexion color. Apply the under eye concealer on top of your eye lids and underneath your eyes. This is going to get rid of circles under the eye. From there, you will apply foundation all over your face and really blending it in to ensure there are no lines from where you put it on. The foundation color is important. You want to ensure that you do not choose something that is to light or to dark. It really should match. The foundation can also just be put on on the nose, chin, and other areas where there are larger pores.

Loose powder will need to be placed all over the face to give it a more subtle look. The powder will ensure to get rid of any shine to keep the face looking great the entire day. Cheek color is the final step in face preparation. The blush can have a little bit of shimmer ingredients in order to provide a nice glow to the face. The color does not need to be really bright for you do not want it to stand out. This is just to give the cheeks a little extra color for a flawless look.

Now that the skin has been prepped, it is time to start working on eye colors. You are going to want to choose colors that are very natural looking. You will need to use an all-over eye brush to get started. The first color that you will put on will be very light and will blend well with your complexion. Next, you can put on a slightly darker color all over the eye lid, just not to the very top of the eye. You are going to build from the corner of your eye with a soft, light color. You can highlight your eye color using lighter colors than what is on your eye lid. You can keep building the color up that you want to use mainly in order to make it darker. This way, you will get the appearance that you want to have.

After the eye color has been put on, you can place on eye liner. Eye liner can just be put on underneath the eye but not all the way across. You will just want to put it about three-quarters of the way on so that it doesn’t build up on your eyes as time goes by during the day. Mascara is the last step for the eyes. You will just need to put on the mascara to your eye lashes and ensure they are not clumpy and are curled.

The final step is your lip color. First, you are going to apply your lip liner all over your lips. Try to not go on the outside of your lips unless you are trying to make them even. After the lip liner is on, you will apply lip gloss for shine. The lip liner goes all over to ensure your lips look perfect all day long.