Hair Loss in Women

Men in popular media have a lot of role models that are balding or bald. Women on the other hand do not have this to look at. Yes, the truth is there have been several stars down through the years on TV and in the lime light that have been women and have been bald. Unfortunately, they all were looked on as strange, odd, or abnormal. There are not any stars out there that promote being bald and being a beautiful woman. It is either all or nothing. This is the same way that most women think about their own looks. Hair as always been tied into self-worth and beauty.

Fortunately what most women forget is that it does not have to be like this. Female pattern baldness is something that can be helped. The first thing to do is examine the causes and find out which of them apply to you. Causes of female pattern baldness are not that much different from that of male pattern baldness. Several simple causes that can lead to women going bald are genetic weakness to certain hormones, various autoimmune diseases, and certain scalp inflammatory conditions. There is also the probability that women’s over dyeing and treatment of hair can lead to baldness. There is also a great connection hormones can cause it. Not the hormones themselves but, rather the body’s weakness to the hormones.

Just as with the causes of baldness there are certain remedies that can help fight it. The first step that anyone should take is to consult a doctor. A regular physician can tell a lot with just a physical examination and taking some history from you. In the event that they do not have experience with conditions like yours they will be able to direct you to a local physician that can help. When treating your condition a dermatologist s among the first people that you should consult when attempting to treat baldness of any type. Many times medication of one type or the other can be used to help or reverse baldness. Baldness has over the recent years become a treatable condition.

Just one such treat that has met with FDA approval is Minoxidil 2% or 5% solution. This treatment is a topical solution that when applied twice a day can help to lengthen the growth phase of your hair. Allowing it to grow out to its full density can help with most causes of pattern baldness. You can receive both of these styles in a liquid form. The 5% solution can even be found over the counter in foam. This is one treatment that is not going to happen overnight. Studies show that it will take over four months to begin seeing results. This is a routine that if stayed with show very promising results in most patients. One key to its success is to start early.

Hair loss in men or women can be embarrassing but, the best thing to do is consult a doctor as soon as you notice it happening. Most genetic causes can present themselves as early as the mid to late teens. A good rule of thumb is the earlier that something like this presents itself the worse it will get. That means that the sooner you do something about it the sooner that you can see results you will like. Another treatment that shows promise is a laser comb. It is a treatment with a red light spectrum. It can show results in as few as eight weeks but, a lot of patients do not show results until 16 weeks.

It works by aiding the body’s natural circulation and hair making process. Laser treatments are only approved for use by men but, there are some reports that women are receiving them and even showing promising results from them. Oral medication for certain conditions are also available. Hormonal causes are sometimes treated with prescription medication and or even contraceptives. Sometimes there can be a lack of iron stored in the body and an iron supplement can be given to reverse hair loss. In all cases though, the earlier that you seek out treatment the easier it can be treated.