Going from a Business to Evening Look with a few Simple Steps

Whether you frequently go out after work, or have the occasional event directly after work, you still want to change up your attire a bit to transition from the professional office look to the fun and playful evening look that represents who you are. Here are a few easy ways to make this transition on the fly.



Planning is everything. This means planning your daytime look to coordinate with your night time look. Choosing a basic dress that can be either dressed up or played down or even a comfortable pair of slacks with a stylish yet simple button up blouse is a great way to do this. This combined with great evening accessories will create that seamless image2transition that you are looking to achieve without a substantial amount of baggage and preparation time. If you often find yourself heading straight from the office to your evening plans, you may even want to keep a handy accessories change and make-up on hand at your office or in your car for those surprise outing occasions.


Accessorizing is the easiest way to transition from the office to an evening outing. Removing more formal type jewelry, belts, scarfs, and shoes and then adding more playful pieces will create a more relaxed and fun look. Additionally you will want to loosen your collar to present a more laid back impression rather than an uptight figure. Swap out shoes to something more colorful and comfortable such as a strappy pair of sandals, or your favorite pair of printed open toe heels (as long as they are comfortable).  Add a funky anklet, earrings, or bracelet to bring out your fun personality; and you will be ready to dance the night away.


Don’t forget your hair while making your transition. If you normally wear it up for work, try letting it down. Think about how you wear your hair on your free time, and take a casual hint from that as you transition your hair to your night time look; add fun hair accessories for an added punch of fun.


For a business look you want to have a more demure, natural color palette. However for an evening look color is the way to go. Spice up your look by taking a few minutes to touch up your make-up before leaving the office; adding some colorful eyeliner, and eye shadow to highlight your gorgeous eyes and draw people in for conversation. Remove your neutral palette lipstick and replace it with a vibrant color that says you are ready to have some fun. Finish off your make-up look with a little bit of sparkle along the brow line, cheek bones, and your lips.

Going straight from the office to an evening event, doesn’t mean that you have to be uncomfortable or stuffy looking. With a few easy and quick modifications to your day time professional look, you can easily transition into a fun, playful evening look that keeps you playing long into the night; simply by changing your shoes, updating your make-up, and adding fun accessories you will successfully go from day to night in the blink of an eye.