Fun and Flirty Accessorizing Tips for any Outfit

With summer upon us you are bound to have a schedule full of activities, functions, and trips that you will need just the right flirty and fun outfit for. This doesn’t mean that you have to go spend a fortune shopping for clothes and accessories. That is unless you want to. For the rest of us, there are simple inexpensive ways to create a clean, finished, fun look; and here are the tips you need to make this look happen.

image1Keep it Simple

Too often people go overboard when trying to create a fun look. There’s no need to though. By keeping your base outfit simple such as a solid colored strapless sundress you have way more options for accessorizing than if you spend hours matching tops and bottoms trying to come up with the just perfect ensemble and then searching for the best accessories to match. Think of your clothes as the blank back drop that will hold everything together and pick accessories that either dress it up or simply create the finished fun and flirty look you want.


Accessories don’t have to be expensive, nor do they have to be any certain style. When choosing your accessories ask yourself one question, “Does this represent my personality or the look that I am going for?” Beyond that the only thing that you need to be concerned about is making sure your colors match. Accessories are supposed to highlight our personalities while completing our overall esthetic look.

image3Pairing Accessories

The most important things to keep in mind when pairing accessories with each other or an outfit are:

  • image4Size – Large beads may be fun, however when you wear too many of them at the same time you begin to look more like Great Aunt Tillie who just stepped off of the farm, than you do fun and flirty. A single strand of oversized bobbles that drapes correctly around the neck or a large beaded bracelet is sufficient. Don’t think that ever accessory must be the same size, or you may end up with an over done look instead.
  • Color and Material – Keep in mind the type of accessories that you are using. For instance layering different complementary chains can be a fun accessorizing technique, but you want to try and keep them all the same type of metal, meaning you wouldn’t want to layer yellow gold and sterling silver together. There is something about these two metals that when worn next to each other creates an unfinished clunky look.
  • image5Shoes – Yes, shoes are an accessory; although shoes really fall into the cross over category of clothes and accessories. Shoes are an easy way to accessorize an ensemble with a splash of color or strappy sandals that draw the eye down the length of the body. Keep this in mind when you are pairing your shoes and outfit and you might be surprised to see how versatile your current wardrobe is.

Accessorizing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Keeping things simple while paying attention to color, size, and materials will open up your closet to the world of fun and flirty attire that you didn’t even know was in there.