For The Most Gorgeous You Possible How to Apply Makeup

It’s a given in today’s world of high stress and overtaxed economy that despite the hustle and bustle modern life affords us, we want to look our best. Nobody “ especially today’s average woman “ wants to effect of stress and strife reflected on her face. After all, the face is the first thing anybody sees.

The cliché’ that the eyes are the windows to the soul still holds as true today as it did in our grandma’s times. We want our faces to be perfect, reflections of who we are and what we feel inside. As such, this means that even the makeup we choose and how we apply it has to be impeccable. Who of us has never crossed paths with a woman whose makeup was so poorly applied that she looked tired, old and haggard?

Even if she herself were overwhelmed by the circumstances of life (and who isn’t sometimes?), couldn’t she at least have taken the time to correctly apply her makeup so that LESS of that stress would show on her face? One look at her and we knew instantly that the unspoken message was “I am either tired, stressed, over-worked, under-paid, have little time to be beautiful“ or all of the above!

Do we really want OUR faces to reflect our private stressors or would we rather glow with youth and vitality, in spite of what may be going on in our lives? Most smart, savvy women choose the LATTER! It’s true that first impressions count. People really DO judge us by our appearance. This being said, it’s time to learn the proper way to apply makeup once and for all! Forget what your mother, big sister or teenage cousin may have told you while growing up. Makeup is NOT, nor has it ever been, a ONE SIZE FITS ALL endeavor. Just because they looked great with a certain bronze foundation or ruby red lip color doesn’t mean it will blend just as well on you.

We all have different skin tones, textures and complexions. And all makeup applications should start with a clean, just-washed face free of soap residue. This is essential to insuring the best results possible. Additionally, the makeup you choose and the way that you apply it should do more than just “cover” or matte your face. It should also cover any imperfections in your complexion, enhance your skin tone and help you look your best whether you’re a teen, middle-aged mom, working woman or happily retired grandmom.

Our video show you how to help your makeup make the best of YOU! The best news of all is that there’s no need to shell out hundreds of dollars on a fancy, upscale salon. You can learn exactly what you need to know to apply your makeup just like a pro from the comfort of your own home! Experts suggest that sheer makeup primers are applied in your targeted problem areas (which include the T-ZONE “ from the nose extending to the cheeks and chin. Mineral based makeup subsequent to the primer is recommended. This will allow your makeup to last all day without fading from perspiration, stress or skin absorption.

A mineral foundation has the added benefit of giving your skin that bright, enviable glow that turns heads! Add a translucent powder for even more eye-catching glow and radiance. The process wouldn’t be complete without the application of a product that actually contours your unique face shape. Tools such as contour powders, bronzers, creams, gels and highlighters add to your natural structure. This is especially true when colors are blended in ways that disguise facial imperfections. Just add to the cheekbones up to the jawline, blending so that the makeup application looks natural instead of “fake” or clown-like.

And don’t forget to pay attention to your eyebrows, which naturally draw attention to your eyes! Don’t underestimate the power of pencils or other types of liners when accentuating your brows in coordination with the rest of your look. Going out for a night on the town? We even have tips on how to apply makeup to make you look your best as you sightsee, go to a party, or just lounge outdoors to enjoy the nightlife! Blush and gel eyeliner can add the dramatic look that goes so well with evening attire. Who can resist eyes that are played up, especially when you use a shimmer eye color or the “moky eye look” to accentuate that cocktail dress or sequined tank?

Experts recommend that you apply the products UP to avoid the “drawn down” / sad appearance “ so many women make the mistake of letting gravity take over when applying their makeup. Lip-liners, glosses and mascara are optional tools that also work wonders. Lip-liners and colors can plump up and add high drama to lips that are otherwise thin and pouty in appearance.

Now, gather up your essentials, start with that nice clean face, gaze into the mirror and have fun “ the world is waiting to see the new and beautiful YOU!