Filing and Shaping Nail Care

image1Today I’m going to show you how to do the basic steps to give a manicure. Before you do anything you need to properly sanitize your hands and the client’s hands. After that you need to remove any polish on the nails, file the nails, shape the nails, apply cuticle remover, soak the hand and remove any dirt from image2under the nails. So let get started, massage some sanitizer onto your own hands then massage some onto your client’s hands and wrists.  Once you’ve gently cleansed the client’s hands with sanitizer you can get a cotton pad and some nail polish remover. Add some polish remover to the cotton and rub off any old image3nail polish and excess oils from each nail. Today my client wants her nail shape to be squared but if your client hasn’t specified, then this is the time to ask. Once you know what shape your client wants their nails you can move onto filing and shaping them.

Get out your nail file and start on the very left or right most finger on one image4side of the hands. For squared nails just take one finger and file straight across then file the sides to leave the nail with a nice squared appearance. When you and your client are satisfied with the shape of the nail, move onto the next nail and follow those same steps. When you’ve finished filing and shaping all of the nails take one hand and start applying cuticle remover gel across the nail beds. Rub the gel very gently over the nails and then the hand is ready to soak in the manicure bowl. In my manicure bowl I use a slice of lemon which is for cleaning off any yellowness in the nail and a slice of lime to condition and soften the cuticles on that hand. You can also just use hot water and image5antibacterial soap in a bowl at home if that’s all that’s available to you. Now you can let your clients hand soak for 3 to 5 minutes and when it’s almost ready to remove, finish off your other hand with cuticle remover gel. After that you can add that hand to the manicure bowl while you work on the one you just took out.

Now is the time when you’ll want to give under those nails a good clean because any soil will be softened. Get out a nail cleaning tool and gently push it under the nail to where the skin begins and tilt it so there is a flat surface against the bottom of the nail. Slide from one side to the other and wipe onto a paper towel. Continue doing this until any dirt is removed from that nail then move onto the next nail. Make sure you’re gentle with your client as this is a sensitive area. When your clients nails are clean you can push back their cuticles making sure to get the whole cuticle off of the nail area your planning on polishing up after this. Pushing back the cuticles will allow for the nail bed to breathe at least until you cover the nail in a beautiful polish. To find out what to do next for a basic manicure, watch the rest of the videos in this series.