Day to Night Look

image1Today we are here to show you some of the professional tricks we use on location every day. Right now I’m going to show you how to transform a day look into a night look for the evening. A lot of the time when we are wearing our daytime make up for work or casual activities we don’t have time to change our whole face of makeup to go out in the evening. Don’t worry too much because I’m going to show you a few quick methods you can use to dress yourself up from a day look to a night look.

image2Our model Kelly is wearing very neutral makeup. It’s very natural and it looks great on her but to take this into a night look we are going to start by dressing up her eyes. One of the things that can really dress up a day look quickly is putting on a set of false eye lashes. So there is a trick I use that I find is very helpful to some people and it entails taking a full image3strip of lashes and cutting it in half. You’ll be left with two small strips which are great because they are easier to work with and they are also more comfortable to wear. So take your first strip and add a tiny bit of eyelash adhesive. You can usually find eyelash glue next to the false lashes at the drugstore so you won’t have to search too hard. When I’m applying false lashes I take a small amount of the glue and apply it to the back strip of the lashes which I’ll then stick to the outer corner of the lash line on Kelly’s eye. I push them down into the root of the eyelashes to make sure it blends naturally into her lash line. Press it in a little to make sure it sticks and if you glue her lashes together at all just use the other end of the q-tip to separate them. You should be able to see how well that instantly dresses up her look.

image4Next we can start doing her eye makeup with a rich palette to give her a more formal, smoky look. Kelly has a gorgeous caramel skin tone so cooler colors will look more dramatic on her. Today we will be using some plumbs to give a nice rich effect. First I’ll be applying a wine shadow to her lid. You don’t need a lot because when you’re using the right color, a little can go a long way. Now that image5she’s got some color on her lid I’ll use the same brush and pick up some of this lovely darker shade for her crease. The deepness in the color will give Kelly’s eyes some depth. Let the brush hug underneath the brow bone and sweep back and forth. You can also do a little bit more in the corner for a bit more smokiness. Now we can do the other side but remember when you’re doing the crease color to stay to the outer half of the eye or you’ll end up with a closed off look. To finish off this day to night transformation keep watching this video.