Contouring Your Cheekbones

image1Today we are going to give you some professional tips you can use at home in your makeup routine every day. We will be contouring the face. Contouring is using colors on your face to play up your bone structure and tone down other areas giving you a really nice finished look. To contour you’ll need some basic makeup and makeup tools. You will need a dark powder such as a bronzer or a contour powder along with a brush to apply it with. You will also need a highlighter which comes in different forms such as powders, creams, liquids, and gels. Today I’m going to be using a gel because I find that it’s a little easier to work with rather than the other options. That being said, you can use whatever you prefer. I’ll show you how to do this on our model today.

Once you have the correct cosmetic materials needed, you can start thinking about where your contouring will go. Identifying where you want to put the contour is the first real step so let’s get into that now. If you put your fingers near the ear you should be able to feel where the cheekbone starts and stops beneath the skin. Once you’ve figured this out you can get your brush and pick up some of the dark contour color. Apply this color right under image2her cheekbone in a diagonal motion than just buff it up a little to give it a nice blend. You should already be able to notice that it gives the illusion of a higher more defined cheekbone.

When contouring, you can also do a little bit on the forehead around the hair line as well. This brings the eyes out a little more. So just pick up some color and sweep it on that area and blend it out. To finish off this contouring look, do a little along the bottom of the jaw and a little bit down the center of the face to give a bit of a sun kissed look. Once you’ve done the dark on those areas and blended them out appropriately you can move onto the highlighting.

image3Highlighting will give the opposite look to what we were doing with the dark powder. When we used the dark powder it was to create the illusion of more depth whereas the highlight will give the illusion of height and give a great contrast when it’s all finished. So what we need to do now is get some of that beautiful highlight applied. You can use your fingers, a brush, or a sponge; it’s all up to you. I’m going to use my finger and just get some of the highlighting gel on to it then lightly start feathering it onto the high part of the cheekbone. Don’t forget to blend it properly so you have a smooth seamless finish and the makeup is undetectable. Highlight can also be applied down the center of the nose to create some height and some people also apply it on the chin. The cheek is really where you see how well this works.

image4The last part of this is the brows which will act like a contour and really draw attention to the areas of the face you want to be noticed. You’ll need a powder that matches your brows and a short stiff brush. Get some color on the brush and use it to outline the natural shape of the brow using upward strokes to brush the color into the hair. Blend this in well to get yourself a great finish and then your contouring is complete and you can move on to do the rest of your makeup look.