Choosing the Perfect Pair of Jeans

There are some items of clothing that truly are ideal for just about any occasion. jeans have to be the top pick for men and women yet many women have a hard time finding the right jeans. The key to picking the perfect pair of jeans is knowing a few key things about your own body and the look you want to achieve. Long gone are the days when only a couple of styles and brands of jeans existed as today their are various styles, cuts, options, colors and even price ranges. Whether looking for those perfect jeans for casual wear or a high end, couture pair for wearing out at night; the perfect pair of jeans can be found when you take the time to learn how to pick the right ones for you.

Know Your Body Shape

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when trying to locate the perfect pair of jeans to buy is to understand how jeans are cut and how they will fit your body shape. This is key as not everyone has the right body type for skinny jeans and others may find that flared or curvy styles do not flatter those who are quite thin. Though one can find jeans of all styles in all sizes, one needs to take time to try on the various options and spend a few minutes looking in to a full length mirror. It is also key to choose your normal size and then a size up and down to see what difference that makes as well. Jeans are all created differently and thus sizes can fluctuate which is why not simply sticking to your traditional clothing size is important in getting the right fit.

Skinny jeans hug the body from top to bottom and work well when the material has a bit of stretch and one as a more lean body shape. Flared or curvy styles work good for those with pear, apple or shapely figures. In fact, flared jeans make legs look leaner and longer and thus this is why many women opt for this style.

Color is Key

The other thing that is key to the perfect pair of jeans is the color. There are colored jeans and then there are also numerous shades and rinses of denim. This changes the look of jeans. A very light denim comes across as more casual and a darker hue seems more dressy. This too is why trying on different colors will help you make the right choice. It is also key to know why the jeans are being bought as one would want those more casual and lighter colors for everyday wear and perhaps darker rinses for evening looks.

Length is Important

Jeans come in all lengths and thus there are jeans for those who are petite, of average height and tall. This helps one get the best fit. However, as with sizing, the lengths too can vary and one may want to try on different lengths. This is also important if one is shopping for designer jeans that will be worn more for going out and thus may be paired with high heeled shoes or boots quite often as then one would want a longer length. Jeans that are shorter in length for spring and summer months also have various options and those too need to be tried on and the different lengths assessed. Jean capris that hit mid calf may not work for one with a larger calf and those that hit right above the ankle may not work well for one who prefers to not draw attention to that area.

Overall, the way to find the perfect pair of jeans is to get out and look at all of the different styles, cuts, colors and lengths. Then trying on various options is the true test to ensure the jeans look good and accentuate the areas of your body you want to be the center of attention. Great jeans really work wonders for everything and everyone. They are a fashion and lifestyle staple and thus everyone always wants more than one pair as they wear them so often and for so many reasons.