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Wash and Condition Curly Hair types

There are so many women who have naturally curly hair but they don’t know there are shampoos and conditioners made specifically for their hair type. You can use regular shampoo and condition to wash your hair but if you have curly hair it isn’t

Hair Loss in Women

Men in popular media have a lot of role models that are balding or bald. Women on the other hand do not have this to look at. Yes, the truth is there have been several stars down through the years on TV and in

Hair Care Tips for Women

It’s been said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, but for many women it is a source of endless frustration. We all want our hair to be silky and manageable, and the haircare industry is laden with products that promise these results,

How to Highlight Your Hair

You have likely seen the highlighting kits that come in a box at grocery and department stores. If you have never highlighted your hair before or you have only had your hair highlighted professionally, you may want to know the difference between the boxes

Hair Loss Treatments for Women

In this day and age women are starting to notice hair loss more often. There are many things that can contribute to hair loss in women. Some reasons may include stress, aging, and sometimes not taking proper care of hair. The great news is

How to Put in Hair Extensions

Many people prefer short hair as it is simple to care for. There are times when some want longer hair to just change their look up a bit. There are a couple of ways to have long hair, one it to wait for it

Types of Hair Loss

Hair loss can come in lots of different forms and affects all different types of people. It affects both men and women as well as people of all ages, including children. It is not just a problem for older adult males, although it is

Short Hair Formal Up-Do

Here we have our model Hailey whose hair we’ve just done in an evening look. It looks great but now we are going to morph this style into more of a look for a formal occasion.  So many women who have short hair are