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How to Find the Perfect Fitting Bra

Finding the right bra that fits well can enhance your appearance and your self esteem. It’s also important that you find the right-fitting bra so that you’re comfortable in your clothing. The first step to finding the perfect fitting bra is to measure your

Choosing the Perfect Pair of Jeans

There are some items of clothing that truly are ideal for just about any occasion. jeans have to be the top pick for men and women yet many women have a hard time finding the right jeans. The key to picking the perfect pair

Fashion Tips Choosing Formal Wear for Your Body Type

Women always have the opportunity to experience different types of dresses. However, one should put the type of body and the size into consideration before settling on a given dress for an event. Whether one wants to accentuate her silhouette curves, hourglass shape, or

Fashion Tips

If trying to find the perfect wardrobe and style that fits you best is a challenge, understand that you are not alone with your frustrations. Picking out clothing is time consuming and it can be a challenge when you are surrounded by many clothing

How to Mix & Match Clothing

Cindy McCarthy is the owner of Diva (a consignment boutique in Old Town Alexandria Virginia) loves to shop and is here to give you tips on the best way to create an affordable wardrobe through mixing and matching different “staple” pieces of clothing. Build

Revamp Your Image

Some people end up getting stuck in an image rut over time. This tends to happen when one sticks with the same hair or clothing style for years on end. This happens out of complacency and comfort as people tend to get in those

How to be Your Own Fashion Stylist

The right way to dress, apply makeup and even wear ones hair all come together to create a stylish appearance. Though some crave professional guidance and help in such matters, it is quite easy to be ones own fashion stylist by using a few