Accessorize Your Evening Outfit

The right accessories can take even the plainest outfit from dull to dazzling in practically no time. They can also transform a daytime look into an ensemble fit for a night on the town. Whether your evening outfit is casual or dressy, proper accessorizing is the key to expressing your individual style.

Shoes are one of the most important accessories, and today’s styles and colors provide an almost unlimited number of ways to jazz up your look. Ignore the old fashion rule to match your shoes to your dress. Today’s look is all about mixing and matching coordinating colors and fabrics. When dressing for evening, opt for a pretty leopard print or a bright color. This adds a bit of whimsy that isn’t always appropriator for daytime. Patent leather is also a perfect option for a night on the town. For causal nights out, opt for stylish flats. For dressy occasions, go for sky-high stilettos.

When deciding on a necklace for your evening look, go for big, bold and chunky. Don’t stick with tame traditional chains. Instead, opt for something that really stands out and makes a statement when you walk in the room.

Ladies need somewhere to store all their stuff, so a purse is a must. However, ditch the daytime shoulder bag for something more sophisticated. Instead, opt for an oversized clutch, which is trendy yet spacious. Tiny clutches are more appropriate for formal nights out. The clutch should be large enough to carry your lipstick, a credit card, your keys and maybe some mints. All the other stuff you typically carry should be left at home. When it comes to color, black is always appropriate. While muted blacks will work fine, consider spicing up your nighttime look with other fabrics. Choosing a clutch in patent leather really adds sparkle to your look.

Almost every evening look can benefit from a belt to pull the outfit together. The key is to wear a wide belt, not at skinny one. Skinny belts are more for functionality, whereas wide belts are intended to make a fashion statement. If you are wearing a lot of accessories, opt for a flat belt without any texture. Heavily ornate belts will overwhelm the outfit when paired with other accessories. If you want the belt to serve as the primary focal point, opt for braided or woven ones, which add an element of depth to the evening outfit. When considering belts, you don’t have to stick to ones that fasten in the front. Back-closure belts actually work in your favor because the buckles don’t compete with all of the other accessories.

When wearing a lot of accessories, earrings are not always needed. Skip them, unless you just feel naked without them. If you do wear earrings, go for small, understated studs so that they don’t overwhelm your outfit. Large, sparkly earnings will compete with the other accessories and just make you look like you are trying too hard. To test earrings, put them on and look in the mirror. If the earrings are the first things that your eyes go to, they are probably too big.

While it is typically best to avoid wearing other rings, bracelets and accessories, there is one exception. A large cocktail ring is the perfect accent for a nighttime look. These rings can shine and sparkle, or they can be simple silver or gold pieces in intricate designs.

Scarves are another great accessory for a nighttime look, but they are worn very differently than in the day. Instead of wearing the scarf around your neck, use it as a shawl instead. This is the perfect solution for cool nights and chilly restaurants. Opt for solid colored scarves that won’t overwhelm your outfit. The key here is to go for functionality rather than making it stand out as an accessory on its own.

The key to accessorizing a trendy evening outfit is to keep it clean and simple. Don’t wear competing colors or every accessory that you own. These accessorizing tips will allow you to transform your outfit into a real show stopper with very little effort.