Accessorize Your Business Casual Look

The business casual look has become a common one seen in all types of offices, businesses and buildings. It is a not quite casual yet not quite business style that is more fun, comfortable and fitting for the lifestyles of those these days. It is a look that can updated by using the right accessories to highlight the outfit of choice and this is a great way to really make your business casual looks stand out and get noticed.

The Base Outfit

Before one can accessorize any outfit, the outfit has to be put together in the right manner. This is because the accessories will need to pair well with the rest of the outfit and thus you have to choose the outfit first, and then work on accessorizing. Some of the more common business casual looks include pants or Capri pants and a fitted shirt. This is a great look that works well for those days when one wants to be relaxed. A different option is a casual skirt and tee that pair together well. This is for those days when one wants to be a bit more feminine yet still have a business appropriate look.


One of the key accessory items to any outfit are the shoes. For business casual looks shoes should be flat. They can be solid in color or in a print that matches the outfit being worn. The casual aspect means that one can opt out of wearing heels if they choose, but wedges and stacked lower height heels also work well with most business casual outfits. The shoes should not be too flashy for an office environment but they can be stylish and trendy.


The right handbag has always been a key to a great outfit. It has the power to bring the look all together and they can be status pieces as well. One top choice for business casual is a neutral tone handbag that is medium to large in size. This will allow one to fit everything they need inside and thus not have to carry extra bags for bottles of water, lunch items and various other things one takes to the office. A good way to add even more of a bit of pop and style to handbags is to loosely tie a scarf to the handle of the bag. This is a great accessory item that takes little to no time to place on the bag yet in brings that extra splash of style to the outfit.


Accessorizing with jewelry is yet another great way to add more depth to any outfit and this works especially well with business casual looks that do tend to be a little more on the conservative and toned down side of style. A large necklace works well when wearing a solid color top as it adds a splash of color or shine. A few bangle bracelets also enhance an outfit when mid length or short sleeves are being worn. However, the top pick for a great accessory is none other than a great looking and stylish watch. The right watch will draw attention and make an outfit really come to life. It is also a traditional business accessory item and thus incorporating it in to even business casual looks brings the outfit back in to focus.

The right way to accessorize for the office and when dressing in a business casual style is to think rather low key. You want to have accessory items that get noticed but they should not overpower the outfit or the environment. This means leaving those dangling and glittery earrings at home for the evening and perhaps not wearing skirts that are too short, heels that are too high or anything that makes you look as if you are more interested in hitting a nightclub. Business casual should be a look that is cool, collected and stylish at the same time. It is not as casual as what you would wear to go hang out with friends or golf and it is not as upscale as business formal or evening looks. It is that perfect midway point that works for everyone and really makes getting dressed for work more fun and less stressful.